Birthday Ideas

So, typically these next few months are rather busy for me when it comes to planning my son’s birthday. Last year was Chuck E. Cheese’s, and all Jake and the Neverland Pirates themed (NEVER AGAIN!). This year is Skylanders themed. But location for me is everything. I have family and friends that come in from Las Vegas, Michigan, Kentucky, and Northern Ohio for the party. I have a lot of kids in my family and money is never a problem when it comes to entertaining for the family and making a memorable birthday party for my little one.

I have thought of Dave and Busters and Game Works. Both were a no because both places hold a bar for adults. Laser tag was an option but honestly how well is my 2 year old going stand against 4-5 year olds? Thought of an indoor trampoline place, that was a possibility. Thought of the zoo, but depending on if it is warm and even open was what will determine if that will happen. A party at home wont suffice as we live in an apartment and simply the room for everyone will be impossible. So please give me ideas on what you think will be fun for a huge group of kids, and ideas of what gifts to give to my little one. Video games, loud sounds, moving toys, and electronics are always a plus when it comes to him.


Can’t believe he’ll soon be two. My little Portal Master and Spyro chilling in the back seat on Christmas morning, heading to Toledo to see Nonna.


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