New Blog, New Blogger

I decided to start Geek Mom when the New Year rang in because I had come to see that a lot of passions that I hold near and dear have also become something of great interest to my soon to be two year old. His love for video games came when Christmas rang in and Disney Infinite and Limited Edition Dark Skylanders Swap-Force were two big presents from Santa. While he still doesn’t fully understand the game play he does love putting characters up on the portals and running them around town. I realized that buying these games meant I was most likely going to fork out a ton of money to see them updated and to give him something new to keep his interest in the game, but I was quite alright with that.

It has come a long way now though. My two year old’s room went from blank white walls and Pooh Bear bedding to Skylanders talking toys, bedding, and huge posters on the walls. It went from carrying a binkie around to Trigger Happy Nerf style guns. It made me sit and think about how much parents actually do influence their children without realizing it. From little odd habits to picked up passions. I have come to realize that I bought an XBox 360 years ago, that sat in a box until just recently and was pulled out to put Skylanders decals on it and put right into the baby’s room. A tablet that I bought for nearly $600 is used more by my son who isn’t even two yet, and so is my Dell Inspiron Mini. I think the only thing I really have to myself is my iPhone and yet I still find myself downloading games for my son on it and debating to buy Skylanders for the iPhone too.

I have also come to realize that I’m actually rather picky as to what I let my child watch. His favorite shows are ones I watched previously as a child. No, not Spongebob, Tom & Jerry, or Loony Toons… He watches Pokemon, Magi Nation, Digimon, and other anime shows that I have found are geared more toward kids. I personally must say that my favorite that he watches is Magi Nation, I can even admit that I’ve learned a lot from the show itself. It teaches him patterns, geography, and much more and I must say it’s quite a relief to a parent to know that their child is watching something that they can learn from, especially at such a young age that is quick to pick up on things. Heck, one of the best days in my old apartment was the last week before moving, my son and I sat down and watched the entire first season of RWBY together in 2-3 hours. It was an amazing bonding experience but on top of it, it made me personally happy that my child was so intrigued by something that I take a personal interest in and we were able to share it together. So without further hesitation I present to you the mind and workings of a Geek Mom and her geek child, soon to be children, hope you enjoy.


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